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LAPA Volunteer Form

Make LAPA your organization. Meet people and make friends by volunteering. Print this page out and mail it to us.

Social Committee

___ Find new locations for LAPA events
___ Find musicians/dancers/storytellers willing to perform
___ Sign people in
___ Pick up cake, cookies, milk, coffee, tea, paper goods, decorations, etc.
___ Help with set up of coffee, chairs, etc. or clean up after event
___ Suggest and organize new events and outings
___ Take photographs at LAPA events

International Adoption Committee

___ Work with LAPA Board Members at workshops and conferences
___ Investigate new sources/compile new fact sheets for Adoption Information Source Kits
___ Send out feedback questionnaires to families who have completed an adoption
___ Keep track of "waiting" families, who's about to travel, who's coming to Welcome Home
___ Host and/or give an adoption workshop in your home

International Relief Committee

___ Find out what supplies are needed for the LAPA boxes
___ Call families about to travel; remind them about the LAPA boxes; arrange delivery of boxes
___ Find people who travel to Latin American on a regular basis, willing to carry LAPA boxes

Latin Culture Committee

___ Keep track of Latin cultural events in and around the New York City area
___ Locate Latin musicians/dancers/storytellers willing to perform at LAPA functions
___ Find out what possibilities exist for group discount tickets

Medical Committee

___ Keep track of immunization requirements for children entering U.S.A.
___ Keep track of immunization requirements/recommendations for families traveling to Latin America
___ Research common medical problems in membership, noting any trends

Newsletter Committee

___ Write articles; solicit articles; or find interesting articles to reprint
___ Prepare copy on computer disks and/or E-mail
___ Take, find, or obtain photographs

Parenting Night Committee

___ Find speakers and follow through to event
___ Investigate what topics and issues are of interest to the membership

Web Site Committee

___ Help Web site managers answer queries
___ Find new material to add to Web site, Latin cultural events, recipes, etc.

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